Welcome to Upside Matters, a program and community created to help people be more resourceful, resilient and even optimistic during challenging times and deal with everyday life with more grace and ease.

Besides the Upside Book and premium area for book purchasers (see below), we offer public talks and coaching support on the following topics:

  • “Bouncing Back From Challenging Times”
  • “Expressing Your Heart and Soul Without Losing Your Heart and Soul”
  • “How to have a Magnificent Life and Live Within Your Means”

While browsing the site you can find out more about Upside Matters, view the results of our poll and even download the introduction to the book. Enjoy!

Our New Book! Finding the Upside: Practical Wisdom for Challenging Times

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Book Cover Finding the Upside: Practical Wisdom for Challenging Times

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm), 168 pages

A rich source of ideas and inspiration for finding—and living—the Upsides in your own life, starting today!

We’re all experiencing the impact of the current times we live in: the wobbling US economy, job cuts and unemployment rates, rising costs coupled with losses in savings and investments, health care and international security concerns, natural disasters, and the strained state of our planet.

We could easily become gripped with fear, anxiety, or depression over the formidable challenges we face each day in our personal and work lives.

In Finding the Upside: Practical Wisdom for Challenging Times, authors Steve Goldberg and Barbara A. Taylor invite you to join the growing movement of individuals who are discovering innovative new ways to meet life’s difficulties with courage, resourcefulness, and optimism.

There is a golden opportunity surrounding us right now to take stock of the potentially positive and redeeming aspects of the current state of affairs we’re in!  Every “upside”  adjustment we make in our thoughts, attitudes, and actions can have a powerful effect on our quality of life, the outcome of our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

Finding the Upside is a unique collection of personal stories, research, timeless quotes, exercises, affirmations, and related resources to help you strengthen your own toolkit of practical wisdom for surviving and thriving in challenging times.

Executive and career coach Steve Goldberg and family therapist Barbara A. Taylor share their combined decades of insight and experience in human potential and personal growth in this timely new book.

Exclusive bonus for book buyers!

You’ll have online access to the Upside Premium Area, a collection of resources to get you started on your personal journey:

  • Take the Upside Life Assessment© to identify your current level of “real wealth”
  • View videos by Steve Goldberg to learn about the five Real Wealth Accounts
  • Review rich and varied on-line links categorized by Real Wealth Accounts
  • Access over 100 inspirational posts to enrich your Upside exploration
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